Human Trafficking Speaker

Kimberly Mull is a child sex trafficking survivor and now works as a human trafficking consultant and sex trafficking speaker. Kimberly Mull will empower your community leaders to radically shift their understanding of sex trafficking, so they can make an immediate impact in your community.

Kimberly's Most Requested Topics

When Poverty Is Your Pimp:
Misunderstandings About Sex Trafficking

Keynote or General Session - ​ (virtual available)

What if everything your audience thinks about sex trafficking was based on untrue presumptions, like the existence of a pimp? From child sex trafficking to street prostitution and high-end escorting, Kimberly walks your audience through the intersectionality of trafficking with poverty, homelessness, racism, domestic violence, trauma, and more. Kimberly’s presentation on the realities she and others have experienced will empower your community leaders to radically shift their misguided understanding of sex trafficking so they can leave your event and immediately make an impact in their communities.

Is It Really a Choice?

Interactive Workshop

This interactive activity requires participation from each attendee. Depending on the size of the audience, attendees will participate individually or will be broken out into groups. ​

Participants will experience an interactive activity with multiple options and outcomes that simulate the real-life experiences of those most victimized through commercial sexual exploitation in society. Participants leave with a new understanding of the mindset of trafficking victims and the “choices” they make to survive.

Taken, But Home for Dinner

Interactive Workshop - (virtual available)

Many people equate sex trafficking in North America to the movie “Taken.” However, according to Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, in the last five years there have been fewer than 5 recorded kidnapping attempts related to sex trafficking in the United States. Yet, hundreds of thousands of women and children are commercially sexually exploited across the country each year. The reality is many victims, like Kimberly, are “taken” but home for dinner each night with their friends and families. In this presentation, Kimberly uses real case studies from those she has worked with over the years to empower audiences with a true in-depth understanding of sex trafficking and its victims in America.

You're Worth More:
Preventing Commercial
Sexual Exploitation in College

General Session, Keynote, or Breakout Session - (virtual available)

Society has casually waved off sexually exploited college students as “paying their way through college” for generations, without regard for the lifelong trauma most face in the aftermath, or the statistics showing the most likely to be exploited come from already marginalized populations. Kimberly uses case studies to highlight the hidden harms of the sex trade and empower students vulnerable to exploitation. Additionally, she will discuss how students can create supportive environments on campus to aid in the prevention and intervention of the victimization of their peers.

Working in the #METOO World

Keynote, Breakout, or Pre/Post Seminar - (virtual available)

“If you’ve been sexually harassed or assaulted, write ‘me too’ as a reply to this tweet,” wrote actress Alyssa Milano in 2017. What followed was a shocking and history-altering response of women and men from around the world sharing their stories and showcasing the global prevalence of sexual violence. Particularly astonishing was the number of people who began coming public with stories of horrendous abuse perpetrated by their boss, coworkers, or those in authority. With the magnitude of the problem clear, and societies demand for change uncompromising, communities everywhere are being forced to challenge their own policies and workplace cultures. Your audience will leave with a better understanding of the history of #MeToo and empowered to make social change in their communities and workplaces.

The Importance of Self-Care
When Working with Victims

Interactive Workshop - (virtual available)

This workshop incorporates discussion on how the experiences advocates and first responders face while working with victims of crime, as well as current world events, can cause primary and secondary trauma.

Self-coping skills are a necessity for professionals to overcome primary and secondary trauma. Current events can be alarming and distressing to many, and learning practical trauma-informed self-care techniques allows attendees to get through hard discussions and experiences with less stress.​

Each workshop includes the choice of a hands on group activity or an individual self-care activity.
​Pre-made activity kits will be provided. The price per workshop varies on the choice of activity and the number of kits needed.

​If necessary, an organization may choose the option to self-supply the self-care activity. The availability of some kits may change based on global or local sourcing conditions. Contact us for more information on our current options available for your event.

Examples of individual self-care activities include:

  • DIY Sensory Slime
  • Calming Glitter Jars
  • Positive Message Displays
  • Emotion Masks
  • Step-by-Step Painting
  • Aromatherapy Rollers
  • DIY Bath Bombs

What You Can Expect From Us

1.) Pre-Event

As a professional public speaker, Kimberly and her team work hard to ensure an efficient event planning experience for you and your organization. This includes a pre-event call to ensure Kimberly's presentation will meet your audience's needs.


We always include post-event surveys and communication to make sure your expectations were met. We value your feedback to help us improve our business and Kimberly's presentations.


We guarantee a professional, timely, and compelling presentation that will empower your audience to help in the anti-trafficking movement. Kimberly regularly works with a speech coach to ensure a top performance.

4.) Communication

We also strive for timely communication before, during and after the event. ​This includes direct access to Kimberly, in addition to her team.

What Others Are Saying

Past Speaking Engagements

Past Speaking Engagements

Kimberly has been speaking about her experiences as a survivor and advocate for over ten years. Beginning with local Rotary clubs, churches, and service organizations, Kimberly now speaks at conferences, events, and legislatures across the country. From non-profit fundraisers to large corporations and municipalities, she now works to empower community leaders to help victims of sex trafficking in their communities.

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