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As both a survivor and policy expert, Kimberly brings an empowered voice to the discussion on sex trafficking in America.

Human Trafficking Survivor & Speaker

Kimberly is an inspirational role model dedicated to educating the public about the devastating realities of human trafficking. She is a child sex trafficking survivor and now works as a human trafficking consultant and sex trafficking speaker. Kimberly brings her experience and knowledge to the table to engage people in the fight against human trafficking and support survivors. She uses her story to bring awareness to the issue and inspire people to take action to end commercial sexual exploitation. Kimberly is also a passionate advocate for survivors of sex trafficking and lobbies governments to ensure communities provide support services to those who have suffered. Through her work alongside other human trafficking speakers, Kimberly is helping to bring an understanding of the issue to the public and empower the movement to end modern-day slavery. She is a fantastic example of the human spirit’s resilience and the power of using one’s voice to bring about change.

Introducing JaneSchool

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Press Release

We are thrilled to announce our founding CEO, Kimberly Mull, MVSM.
Courts nationwide will now have the opportunity to appoint individuals to a course specifically designed to educate sex buyers about their participation in the sex trafficking crisis. This innovative program, created and presented by survivors, law enforcement, and national leaders in the anti-trafficking movement, aims to hold buyers accountable while fostering transformative change through education.
The interactive learning modules within the course are thoughtfully designed to engage participants and encourage introspection. By shedding light on the devastating impact of sex trafficking, the program seeks to promote empathy, understanding, and ultimately, new behaviors that contribute to a safer and more compassionate society.
Kimberly Mull’s leadership in championing this vital initiative demonstrates her unwavering commitment to combating the sex trafficking crisis. As a survivor of child sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation, she has consistently pushed boundaries to create solutions that address critical social issues.
Under Kimberly’s guidance, JaneSchool has assembled an exceptional team of survivors, law enforcement professionals, and national leaders in the anti-trafficking movement to develop this groundbreaking curriculum. Their collective expertise ensures a comprehensive and impactful learning experience for participants.
Together, we have the power to make a difference in eradicating sex trafficking and empowering survivors. By educating and holding buyers accountable, we can create lasting change and contribute to the larger movement against exploitation. Most importantly, victims can glimpse the restorative justice that eludes the movement.
Additional courses, including a Survivor Resource Course and a Certificate of Advocacy Course for anti-trafficking advocates, will launch in Spring 2024.
Join us in celebrating Kimberly Mull, CEO of JaneSchool, for her visionary leadership and dedication to driving positive change. Connect with Kimberly on LinkedIn to stay informed about this transformative initiative and other impactful projects!
"I empower leaders to radically shift their understanding of sex trafficking, so they can make an immediate impact in their communities."
Kimberly Mull Advocacy & Consulting
Kimberly Mull
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Kimberly Mull | Sex & Human Trafficking Survivor & Speaker


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Kimberly Mull | Sex & Human Trafficking Survivor & Speaker
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Kimberly Mull | Sex & Human Trafficking Survivor & Speaker

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Kimberly’s passionate message has empowered thousands of people to radically shift their misguided understanding of sex trafficking in America. Invite her to your next event! Financial assistance may be available for non-profits and organizations working to prevent child trafficking.

Children's Series Coming Soon

The Priceless Series books serve as tools to instill values in children that make them less susceptible to grooming by human traffickers. This series helps parents and teachers educate children about human trafficking in age-appropriate ways using books filled with inspiring stories and guided discussion questions.

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