Advocacy Jewelry Box

$29.99 on the 1st of each month

Do you love unique jewelry? Do you love having something created to serve a larger purpose? You will love our Advocacy Jewelry Box™!!

What is the Advocacy Jewelry Box?  It is a monthly subscription mystery box of a jewelry piece created or designed by a survivor of sex trafficking delivered to your home each month.

Each item is specifically created by survivors to help them provide for themselves and their children. As small business owners, we team up together to help market their brand and gain exposure with a valuable new audience of supportive cheerleaders like you! Each box is valued at over $50, with some pieces $100+!

If a choice is available, do you have a preference for your jewelry's metal color?(required)

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First payment: January 1, 2024

This is for a subscription to our monthly Jewelry Advocacy Box. Your first charge will be on the 1st of the following month. For example, if you sign up on April 15th, you will be charged on May 1st. You will receive your first box in May. Your next charge will be on June 1st. Your credit card will then automatically be charged the same price on the 1st of EVERY MONTH.  All Boxes are Final Sale as they have been purchased just for the subscription group.
Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 6 in