Golden Advocacy Project (GAP)

Have You Dreamed of Helping Survivors of Sex Trafficking & Exploitation in America?

The Golden Advocacy Box is a Monthly Subscription Box Just for You! Each box includes 3-5 mystery items handpicked by Kimberly, showcasing one or more businesses owned/operated by a survivor in the United States. Each survivor maker or entrepreneur gets the opportunity to showcase their work to new customers, and you get a great deal in the process! Plus, proceeds from each purchase go towards furthering survivors' freedom through education and financial literacy.

Survivor Owned ~ Survivor Managed ~ Survivor Focused

Do You Want to Help?

Golden Advocacy Box

This box features a fun, trendy, functional, or unique item from a survivor maker/entrepreneur, as well as carefully curated items to highlight it each month.
$ 49
  • Featured Survivor Sourced Item
  • 3-4 Fun Coordinating Items at a Great Price
  • Self-Care Activity
  • Survivor Notecard

What Will I Get in My Box Each Month?

One of the best things about our subscription boxes is that they are a complete surprise each month! We will enjoy giving you a peek here and there, but we will love introducing you to our survivor makers and entrepreneurs throughout the month. Our goal is to give them a platform to not only share their story but also introduce you to their amazing talents and skills.

The Golden Advocacy box contains 3-5 items that are hand-picked by Kimberly and coordinate with the showcased item from that month’s survivor business. The box may be themed around the item such as “things for the kitchen, seasonal items, all things blue, etc.”

Sample Box

The items range widely and are always sourced for the best quality at a great discount for you!

Some examples include:

  • Self-Care: Items created to spoil yourself, such as bath bombs, luxury soaps, salt scrubs, face masks, etc.
  • T-Shirts: Custom designed to be both beautiful, inspirational, and raise awareness.
  • Accessories: Unique ways to dress up daily, from jewelry to sunglasses.
  • Home Decor: Something beautiful for a house is what makes it a home.
  • Bags & Totes: Nothing is better than something new to stuff things in, from purses to beach bags or makeup bags.
  • Inspiration: We can all use something special now and then, and we can all help others. We include unique gifts to help you along the way.

Empowering Survivors

“I am so excited to share my pottery with the Golden Advocacy Box! I learned pottery in rehab, and it has become my passion. Sharing it with the world is like sharing a piece of myself with people who care.”

– A*, Survivor Maker, Tennessee

“I am happy people are interested in my handmade bags. I work very hard on them, and it means a lot when people appreciate them. I hope your customers enjoy them.”

– DF*, Survivor Maker, Hawaii

“I work with other survivors to mix the best smelling oil combinations that can make any place feel like home. It is always nice to have something smell good.”

-Jenny*, Survivor Entrepreneur, Utah

Connect with Survivors

Each month’s box comes with a card featuring the artwork of a survivor in our program. Subscribers are encouraged to write a note of love and hope for a survivor and return the note in the mail. Every month we distribute the words of encouragement to our participants, further connecting our subscribers and survivors.

Additionally, some artwork may be transformed into additional merchandise for sale, such as pins, stickers, shopping bags, T-shirts, etc.

Make a Direct Impact in Survivors Lives

As a subscriber, you get a monthly box of products designed to make a positive impact in your life through beauty, comfort, usability, and inspiration. However, you are also a part of so much more than a shopping experience. You are a part of a movement to end the sexual enslavement and exploitation of women and children across the country. Additionally, with every month’s subscription, you are contributing to the education and financial literacy of survivors looking to support themselves and their children.

We Love a Comfy T-Shirt with a Great Message!


Your payment will draft on the 1st of each month, boxes will be packed and ready to ship within 15 days of that payment, sometimes earlier! You should receive by the 20th of every month.

No, your jewelry will be added to your Golden Advocacy Box that’s already shipped each month. One shipping fee for both!

No commitment.  If you need to cancel your subscription, please log into your account on this website and cancel.  Please note – cancellation requests much be received 14 days before your billing date (1st of the month) or you will be charged for the following month.

We work with survivors of both sex and labor trafficking. While many items may be handmade by a survivor, other may be sourced for their business (ex: they have a skincare or clothing business) and represents their brand. Some survivors own coffee shops and may provide a special roast for the box, but not necessarily roast the beans themselves.  Our goal starting out is to have at least one featured survivor business in each box with other coordinating items provided to enhance the experience of the item.

Absolutely! If they have an established business currently selling online (Etsy, Amazon, etc.) or locally, we would love to connect with them. If they have a business idea and want help knowing how to start a business, we would love to help them with that too! Have them connect with us through our contact page.

Nope! We are purposely designed to be a survivor owned “social good” company. Just as we help other survivors grow a business, we hope to grow our business, while also making a better world in the process.