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Kimberly Mull is a child sex trafficking survivor and now works as a human trafficking consultant. From survivor leadership to public policy, Kimberly and her team are available to assist your organization on issues of human trafficking and victim rights.

About KMAC

Kimberly Mull

Kimberly Mull Advocacy & Consulting is a strategic lobbying and consulting firm with an innovative approach to improving the response to and support of victims' rights across the violence spectrum. The firm provides a full range of local, state, and federal consulting services for NGOs, local agencies, and political professionals to advance the response towards personal violence across the country. Expanding beyond traditional lobbying, the firm focuses on long-term political and corporate strategies for clients from inception to implementation. KMAC specializes in building collaborative relationships for legislative and fundamental systems, while also designing policy solutions tailored to individual clients.

What We Do

Kimberly Mull Advocacy & Consulting offers a range of services and solutions to a diversity of agency, corporate, and governmental clients, focusing primarily on five areas:

Additional areas of victims' rights policy expertise include: domestic violence, violence against women, child sexual abuse, abuses of polygamy, child marriage, sexualization of children, revenge pornography, sexting abuse, objectification, intersectionality, and domestic terrorism.

Government Affairs & Lobbying: ​Victims' Rights

MeToo Solutions: Sexual Harassment Policies & Training

The Suite Initiative: Sex Trafficking Policies & Training for Business

Victim Services & Grant ​Management

Speaking Engagements & Workshops

Kimberly Mull | Sex & Human Trafficking Survivor & Speaker
Kimberly Mull | Sex & Human Trafficking Survivor & Speaker
Las Vegas

As the founder of Kimberly Mull Advocacy & Consulting, Kimberly utilizes her decade of experience working with victims of violence, including over 400 sex trafficking victims, to influence policymakers and legislators in creating trauma-informed victim-focused policy.

​Kimberly previously managed Nevada's $16 million Antiterrorism and Emergency Assistance Program grant from the Federal government to serve the victims of the nation's largest mass shooting in history, the Route 91 Music Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 1, 2017.

Kimberly served as the Program Manager for the grant, ensuring the needs of the more than twenty thousand victims and first responders are met by the various partnering agencies.