10 Hobbies That Can Help to Meet Your Emotional Needs

10 Hobbies That Can Help to Meet Your Emotional Needs

The ability to multitask is helpful throughout life. Most people could use more time each day, so it’s great to accomplish two things with one activity. For example, listening to a book on tape while walking on a treadmill makes a day more productive. 

In the same way, engaging in an enjoyable hobby while meeting one or more of your emotional needs is an excellent way to kill two birds with one stone. Plus, it is usually easier to get yourself to participate in one of your favorite hobbies than therapy.

It can take some thought, but there are plenty of hobbies that you may enjoy that will allow you to feel creative, helpful, fulfilled, adventurous, or any other emotional state that you desire. A hobby can be more than just a fun activity.

Try these activities to find a hobby that soothes your soul:

  1. Writing. Writing is a great way to be creative and put your ideas out into the world. You may not have enjoyed writing in school, but writing about things that interest you can be very rewarding on multiple levels.
  2. Painting, sculpting, or other artistic activity. Allow the artist in you to blossom. There are many forms of creative expression. Consider giving yourself the gift of creating something completely original.
  3. Dancing. Perhaps painting and writing aren’t your things, but you find joy in movement and dance. Now is as good a time as any to pursue your favorite kind of dance, plus this can also be a great way to make new friends.
  4. Volunteering. Few things feel as good as spending time helping someone other than yourself. Volunteering can be another way to meet your emotional needs in various ways.
  5. Animal rescue. Do you love animals? You can help at an animal rescue or start your own. From fostering animals in need to assisting the local animal shelter with care, animal lovers have numerous opportunities.
  6. Music. Creating, playing, or writing music is another activity that many people find extremely pleasant and rewarding. This is a great way to spend your free time if you love music.
  7. Photography. Photography is another form of art. Capturing the perfect photograph is a massive thrill for many people. Digital cameras have made photography much more convenient and accessible, but you can create masterpieces with your cell phone.
  8. Travel. There are people fascinated with other countries, peoples, and cultures. A profound journey is only for some, but those that love to travel can barely think of anything else.
  9. Bonsai. Another calming and artistic activity is bonsai. Crafting the perfect bonsai tree takes talent, skill, and patience. You can build a business around this hobby and earn additional income. You probably have a club near you dedicated to this activity.
  10. Gardening. Get your hands on the earth and grow something. Flowers, vegetables, berries, and herbs can all be rewarding to plant and nurture.

Having fun and satisfying a need simultaneously is a formidable combination to beat. Fulfilling our emotional needs should be one of your main priorities, but often it takes second place to other needs. However, finding a hobby that meets these needs can help you keep them at the forefront of your mind and in a better place.

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